How to Choose a Nashville Bankruptcy Attorney

6 important characteristics to consider in an Nashville bankruptcy attorney

nashville bankruptcy attorney qualities

Look for these 6 main qualities as you choose a bankruptcy attorney

Since the recession began several years ago, many attorneys decided to practice bankruptcy law to meet the growing demand for bankruptcy. Now, there are so many attorneys to choose from that it can be an overwhelming experience deciding on which attorney to use.

Consider these 6 factors as you choose an attorney:

  1. Experience: Experienced attorneys make fewer mistakes and have more successful outcomes in bankruptcy cases than inexperienced attorneys.
  2. Prices: Cheap attorneys offer low quality service. Strive for attorneys with mid-range prices that offer good service.
  3. Personality: Make sure you can comfortably discuss your situation with your attorney. Your attorney will end up being your friend and ally in the bankruptcy process. Make sure you get along well.
  4. Law Firm Size: Try and find a small to medium sized firm so you pay reasonable rates and get personalized attention.
  5. Free Consultation: Make sure you don’t pay money for your initial consultation. Your attorney should gladly offer advice and help without charging anything.
  6. Locally Based: Having your attorney within a 1-hour drive means that he or she will always be accessible for in-person meetings.

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